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Peggy Allman-Anderson, RN, PhD(c)
Health Consultant and Educator

Peggy Allman-Anderson is a qualified Nurse Educator with 20 years of experience lecturing in several faculties of nursing at universities in Canada, the United Kingdom and Africa. She is an experienced Community Health Nurse, working in nursing stations in northern Manitoba. Peggy is currently completing a PhD program in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba.

As the Health Consultant and Educator for Indigenous Health Services Inc., Peggy’s main responsibilities are for the IHG Nurse Orientation Program and for providing technical expertise to the company on problems related to clinical nursing activities and health services. The Heath Consultant and Educator reviews and recommends changes in nursing procedures in the organization, provides assistance in developing guides and manuals for specific aspects of the nursing services, prepares educational materials and assists in planning and developing health and educational programs for IHG nursing staff.


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